Don’t hate the player, Hate the Game

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Online Blog Project: Girls vs. Guys

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The media is treating girls and guys unfairly. They are both stereotyped in negative ways. In our society today, guys are always being portrayed as the “bad guy” when it comes to girls. Especially when it comes to t.v. shows and movies that involve unhealthy relationships. Men are stereotyped into being unfaithful and cruel. Cruel Intentions, Alfie, The Woman, Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, John Tucker Must Die, In Her Shoes, The Wedding Date, The Wedding Crashers, Brokeback Mountain, Fatal Attraction

reason for this is strictly the media. Think about it. These movies stress the fact that men don’t care, they don’t appreciate women, they are dogs, they have no feelings, and they are selfish. It is not fair to the amount of movies that come out that deal with heartbreak are because of men cheating. Here’s a scene from “Hes Just Not That Into You” that exposes men yet again. However, the media seems to expose women of being trashy and slutty. The media shows this happening mainly in the music videos of rap songs and reality shows.

Recently, rap videos and shows are getting to be a little too degrading to women. They are constantly being called “bitches and ho’s” and are prancing around in skimpy outfits. Although this is not something you want your 10 year old daughter watching, it is not fair to all women who do not act like the ones in videos. Being treated degradingly by being called foul words isn’t fair to them and is very stereotypical. Is every girl who sleeps with one or two guys a ho? Is every girl who stands up for what she believes in and speaks out a bitch? I don’t understand why they must be called these names if not all women fit underneath this category. It puts a bad taste in a woman’s mouth and makes them rebellious toward men. Men tend to just feel so comfortable with using derogatory language towards women in their rap music that some people are even starting to accept it. The producers of these videos are being disrespectful and putting down a women’s sense of pride just to make money.  I think the phrase “sex sells” can be presented in different ways instead of how the media does it today. They set them up in nasty little clothing showing too much skin and put them in scenes that are not mature for cable television. That would not fly well with me if I was a women. They are being shown as objects and it is unjust. Here are some thoughts of what has been going on in music videos concerning women’s appearances.

Plain and simple, the media is being very stereotypical when it comes to men and women. They aren’t showing a equal amount of both worlds when it comes to movies and other events you see on television and it’s not fair to men. In the music industry, men are using language such as this to catch peoples attention but are catching negative attention especially from women. Check out this song above from Ludacris “You’s a Hoe” and video “P.I.M.P.” from 50 cent and tell me what you think abut the lyrical content and how women are exposing themselves.

FW10: Dinner Party

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If i were to have a big dinner party and were to invite three people who had passed away would have to be Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr., and Tupac Shakur. First i would discuss with Malcom X everything that went on during the discrimination days. I would ask him about why his views were so different then passive resistance and why he took out so much anger. NOthing’s wrong with it of course. I would toast the man for all the things he did for the African Americans. My second person and I would have a lot of discussion goin on similar to Malcom X’s. It would end up wit me kissing his ass because I am so greatful for what he did. Without him sacrificing everything for the black population, I would still be owned by some punk ass white person who whips me everyday and calls me “boy”. Last but not least, Mr. Thug Life himself, the best who ever did it, the heart of the streets, L.A.’s finest, Tupac Shakur. Me and him would be kickin back drinking some 40’s and smoking a L listening to “California Love”, “Hit em Up”, “I get Around” and many more hits he made. Chilling talking about life becasue he has so much outlook on life and is very outspoken. He was the greatest. R.I.P. 2pac

Is this Disloyalty?

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Best Actor Alive

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INF: Research question

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Why does the media point out beauty as a typical white woman with a lot of makeup and stunning face?

Title: Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

I picked this topic because as of right now thats all I can think of that is annoying and argumentable about the media. I think beauty is being looked at in the wrong way by people and its starting to make people become shallow and it needs to be addressed. For the most part, this is all I can think of right now and need more time to think of some other possibilities for my argumentative project.

Media is everywhere
Media isn’t always correct
Media has an impact on a ton of peoples life negatively/positively

Why the media is so important
What is the medias intentions